“Kim has an uncanny knack to get you to focus on the details of your marketing 
plan while at the same time maintain a clear vision of the bigger picture. You get
the feeling she’s already done this for herself in her own business, so where she is
leading you will give you the best results for your business. I enjoyed her humor, her
passion and commitment to high-quality work.”
Susan Omilian, Owner, Thriver Zone

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Kim. She helped me
create a viable marketing plan for my business. In her workshops, she provided us
with everything we needed to know to develop a plan. She took us through a step-by-step
process. Kim’s knowledge is invaluable and her support has been wonderful. She is
an inspiration and has given me the knowledge and courage to continue on my path
with my bakery.”
Beth Bolton, Owner/Pastry Chef, A Little Something Bakery

“Kim took the time to really listen to me. She learned about my company and what I
am trying to accomplish. She then shared her expertise and made insightful suggestions
without pushing a specific marketing program on me. The ultimate decision is mine.
I like that!”
Ann Meacham, President, Leadership Dynamics

“Kim Pita miraculously manages to take the anxiety out of executing a marketing plan!
She possesses the ability to stay focused and yet infuse every class with fun and
lightheartedness. With her easy to understand modules, she takes it one step at a time,
which works great for someone like myself who has a tendency to become overwhelmed
by the entire process. Thanks Kim! You are a wonderful teacher and it was a pleasure
being in your class!”
Donna Papetti, Founder, The Warrior Workout

“When it comes to coaching entrepreneurs through the marketing process – whether it
be building a brand presence, thinking through the elements of a marketing strategy, or
just getting down to executing – Kim Pita brings compassion, insight and all around smarts
to her work. She has a gift for turning overwhelm into simple next steps. What seemed
like ‘too much or too nerve-wracking’ has turned into ‘what do I get to do now?’ Kim gave
me a great foundation – changed my thinking in critical ways and helped me to get into
action. Results? An immediate difference in attracting the kind of business that Hartt and
Mind excels at. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kim.”
Jenifer Hart, Owner, Hartt & Mind Market Research