6/3  Bath Bomb DIY Workshop 6 to 8 pm. $15. Register on Event Brite.

6/5  Hypnosis with Rachel: Release Worry and Feel Calmer
​      11 am to 12:30 pm. $95. Register here.

​6/11 CT Open House Day • Free Arts & Crafts All Day

      Are You Mentally Fit? with Naomi Rafalowicz, PCC Life Coach  


Upcoming Events

Immerse into a safe space that will instantly calm you! Come enjoy one of our inspiring and transformational workshops, or meet an author during our regular book talks. Be on the lookout for our creative and therapeutic events, such as macrame, painting, coloring, craft-making, gardening. essential oils, beekeeping, herbal remedies and so much more. Drop in on open weekends  to meditate under the skylights.  

Turn mental health fears into love...

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